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How do I make a reservation?

It’s super easy! And no credit card required 


  1. Click the “Book Now” button to start your reservation

  2. Choose your Date and Specify a time

  3. Choose from our Party Options

  4. Answer the questions regarding details about your party

  5. We will contact you via text and email to confirm your reservation

  6. At the party, simply pay the dancer the amount due in cash

  7. That’s it!

How much do I tip?

Tipping your entertainer is very important: As the person booking the party, you owe it to the entertainer to make sure all of the guests bring some money to tip the strippers. We recommend that each guest come with at least $20 for tipping. Now the guests can decide whether or not they want to tip or not, but at least they are prepared. And if the sexy entertainer rocks your world? Then tip everything you’ve got! Remember that all exotic dancers work for tips and the more money the dancer is making, the more time the dancer will spend at your party. And the more crazier he can get 

Why should I tip?...I already paid the booking fee.

A lot of first-time party planners are under the false impression that tips are included in the booking fee.  Not so!...The dancers are paid a base fee for the party but primarily their money comes from tipping.  This is their incentive to put on a great show and make sure that everyone is happy! The dancer will stay as long as the guests are tipping and having fun.  When you’re done with your entertainer, simply let them know and they’ll wrap things up.  They can take group pictures at the end as well.

What does a Strip Nation entertainer do to earn their tips?

Oftentimes, the entertainer drives an hour going back and forth, sometime even longer to your party. They had to do a lot to great ready ahead of time.  They come fresh and clean, tan and groomed. They arrive in costume and bring a stereo with prepared music.  They perform a choreographed routine and play a variety of games to keep the party going. They do every trick in the book and will try their best to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied at the party. So if you tip them, it shows that you appreciate their work. Tipping is simple...just be fair and show them  some love.

Do you entertain all types of audiences?

Yes, guys, girls, LGBT crowds, couples; Doesn’t matter, we have guys and girls for all types of audiences.

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