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Are you looking for an untamed night in Sin City? Most strip clubs are not only costly, but they cater to women and don’t appeal to the M4M crowd. Plus, things get a lot more heated in the privacy of your own space so you can fully unleash your sexual kinks and watch them play out in real time.

Whether you’re looking for a beefcake, a bear or a twink, we have a diverse sample platter that satisfies every man’s taste. Like your own personal Ken doll, you can dress or undress him as you please. Add the full monty to reveal what’s behind those short shorts.

For an even naughtier time, you can add on the flesh light show and sprinkle a few more men into the mix to keep everyone in your group begging for more. 

No vice is too sinister and our strippers are ready to take in your orders. You can pick the theme, or leave it up to us to create an evening where you can expect the unexpected. 


$250  for up to one hour

$200 for up to 30 mins

$100 to add Full Monty

$350 Flesh Light Show add on


For longer lengths of time, multiple guys or special requests please contact us. 


10:00 PM

Thanks for submitting!

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