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A Classy Event for a Chic You!

The new and happening Ayu Dayclub opens its doors for you on July 16th, 2021 for an exciting event! The Ayu Dayclub is an outdoor oasis inspired by Southeast Asia's serene beauty! It presents to you a mesmerizing ambience which is sure to arrest your senses. And to mention, the Zouk nightclub is anything but predictable: which guarantees a magnificent nightlife never experienced before! So of course, this event is classy with a ton of excitement fused together with it. There's a thrill in the air... experience it for yourself as you are absolutely welcome to this upcoming event and guess what...Madds is coming!!

Larsa Pippen in a piping hot neon swimsuit!

Zouk, your hot and upcoming nightclub in Las Vegas presents to you Madison Louch - model, music lover and celebrity - she is here for the first time at the newest integrated resort Ayu Dayclub to be a guest DJ for the event on this July 16th. The tickets and tables are available now!

Madison Louch, or as more lovingly known as Madds, besides from being a beauty we can all fall for, is talented and has bagged music gigs all over the world! She is in the inner circles of DJs in popular demand like Skrillex and Steve Aoki!! Madds has toured all over Europe as a DJ and produced music for us that we love...she has been to South America and followed her passion in music...and now she is here.

On her Twitter, Madds says "she can't wait to see you all #ZoukNightclub and #AyuDayclub this summer !" She is also so very excited to announce her FIRST EVER Las Vegas residency with

@zoukgrouplv!! We are excited too Madds!! Her new single "You" is out now. She is talented, she is funny and she is here for a grand time...and so are we!

We are so happy and excited to be presenting her to you all for a marvellous time at the Ayu Dayclub! Mads will be there! You will be there! The mood for a party is set! All of you who know this ever so popular and loved 'music chick' knows that Madds's Instagram profile rocks and so does she! Come and groove with her because the bookings for admissions to Ayu Dayclub are open now!

The options of entry booking ranges from either a general or an expedited VIP entry with its own perks! You can choose to book the Couch, the Cabana, the Daybed, the Bungalow or the Stage: which is The Best location in the whole venue! And you know what? There's a private pool at the Bungalow and access to the main stage! You could also go for the Premiere or the other Great views...choose what you may, the main aim is to have fun! So come on, the doors for this event open at 10:30 AM on July 16th, 2021! For bookings and more details, visit !!

See you there!!

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