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The "I am not a woman, I'm a God" singer Halsey is accused of exploiting exotic dancers

Newly released video from adult entertainer who goes by Honey LeStrange on TikTok is accusing singer Halsey for ruining her night by cutting off her stage act with her live performance.

In 2019, Halsey was promoting her hit single "Nightmare" at a Cheetah's venue in Hollywood with an attendance of hundreds of party goers. Despite Halsey’s stated announcement of supporting sex workers, Halsey rented out the venue with a request of every dancer available for the night which isn't uncommon for celebrities to do.

Stripper Honey LeStrange recently went public on TikTok stating that a lot of the dancers do not like working celebrity parties because often times they make a lot less money than regular weekends but that night guest were surprisingly tipping well which gave her a lot of hope. Honey stated it was finally her turn to dance at around 1:40am when the DJ started playing her song but was then signaled to stop dancing by her manager because Halsey was coming on to perform. After Halsey finished performing, Honey went back on stage to her words "dancing to the tune of people leaving"....“most humiliating experience of my life,” she says.

Click below to watch Honey's Tik Tok video.

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