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Larsa Pippen in a piping hot neon swimsuit!

Known as an entrepreneur, a designer, an investor and a self-styled model, Mrs. Pippen surely knows how to grab eyeballs in her latest stunt at “posing on the beach”!

Larsa Pippen in a piping hot neon swimsuit!

Thanks to OnlyFans acute marketing skills and spectacular PR management, they got themselves to star Larsa Pippen in their ever growing platform. Larsa Pippen, formerly known as Larsa Marie, wife of the famous basketball champ Scottie Pippen has managed to garner all the attention she deserves through just one post on her instagram captioned…

“I don’t care what anyone says. Every woman can love and live on her own terms...”

Announcing her rather sudden venture into this subscription based platform she further went on to show off her absolutely gorgeous and well maintained physique flaunting her curves in a neon yellow swimsuit last week. Going by her looks I’d say she is a slice of heaven on a silver platter served to you after a long, tiring day. Nothing can beat the soothing experience that will be, right? I couldn't agree more with you. With a gracious curve she indeed is a beautiful lady blessed with sun-kissed skin and that neon swimsuit made her nothing less than hypnotizing.

I’m sure the weather forecast of Miami reported a few degrees higher on that day! Even though the paparazzi was relatively silent reporting this incident, it surely did catch our eye. One must note that unlike most modern day celebrities, Larsa Pippen did not sign up for OnlyFans to make a quick buck out of her body. Instead, she has repeatedly said that OnlyFans was just a medium for self-expression as she found a way to communicate with her near and dear fans through that simple platform. She actively engages in live shows and direct messages with her fans.

OnlyFans has truly grown to mammoth proportions in just a year thanks to everyone being locked down in their homes due to COVID! You could definitely check out her page along with several others to enjoy exclusive copywriter content.

How you use your social media pages is totally up to you. Nevertheless, with a clear motto of “showing women wherever they are to lead a life however they want” Pippen has a clear stance on why she began her OnlyFans. Kudos to her and many others be it through pornography or strip-clubbing gigs, for promoting feminism in every possible way, especially through unconventional platforms such as this.

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